Day 12: Straight Outta Disneyland

Today we started our day with a traditional Bavarian breakfast at a special restaurant that is only open on Thursdays. Crazy to believe a business can be successful when only open for business one day. The food had to be amazing. As someone who usually does not eat early in the morning, I was not sure how much I would enjoy this experience, but I was willing to try. We had to drive half an hour  to reach our destination. As soon as I walked inside, the aroma hit me. I had never smelled so much meat before in my life. I didn’t mind it. There was just a lot to absorb. After a minute, we all became accustomed to the aroma. I ordered apfelschorle, a carbonated apple juice type drink. While it was not the best drink, it was definitely better than I expected. It still quenched my thirst and was not overly apple flavored. After drinks had been served, a generous bowl of white sausages arrived at our table. We had to be taught how to eat these sausages because apparently if we did it incorrectly we would get ill. There is a casing around each sausage and if one eats the casing then one might get a stomachache. I learned that the proper way to eat these is to slice the sausage down the middle and peel  the meat from each side. After doing this, I ate the sausage and it was tasty. A lot of work, but worth it. I thought it was sort of like eating crab or lobster.. I decided to eat another, and then a third sausage before feeling pretty full. Since my goal for this trip was to have the full experience, I had a pretzel as well. This breakfast was a great way to kickstart my day! I saw why this restaurant was unique.

Afterwards we started our journey to the Neuschwanstein castle. I had been looking forward to this area because it looked beautiful in pictures. When we arrived,. I walked down one of the paths and saw the most spectacular lake I had ever seen. The water was crystal clear and  the mountains were in the background. I could not help but take many pictures. I was called back to the group to begin our hike to the castle. The walk was very steep and we had to be on the lookout for horse dung as many people rode carriages up instead of hiking. The walk lasted  20-30 minutes and was well worth it. The castle was stunning. On the tour, we were shown the riches and luxuries that came with owning a castle. My favorite part was There was a secret door for the owner. When our tour concluded, we headed to Fussen for a quick stop.

While the trip to Fussen was short, I enjoyed it. The town was fairly small but I was really hungry. We immediately scouted out a place for lunch. Eamonn, Nick and I stopped in a local pizza parlor. While the pizza was standard fare, the owner was fantastic. He learned we were from Philadelphia and that led to a conversation about his travels to the states. This just reinforced that I love interacting with random people as the conversations can go anywhere. People have been so friendly and kind on this trip. At home, I am going to try to be the same with travelers.

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