Oh Ship! Almost to Busan

This was another travel day, during which we headed closer to Busan by stopping in Ulsan, a coastal port city home to Hyundai Heavy Industries’ factories and dry-docks. Before Hyundai, we took a stop at Jinsang Marine Management. Jinsang works with various national shipping corporations providing goods such as spare-parts, crew food, and small consumer deliveries. We were fortunate enough to meet with the CEO, who provided an account of their rapid growth and gave us a quick tour around their warehouse facilities. Although their work is not the most interesting, it was neat to see the ‘little guy’ business providing the niche services and parts for major ship exporters globally.

After a bit more of a drive we arrived for lunch, which was fried rice with an (I apologize about my novice food knowlledge) egg cooked flat with the yolk in tact in the center. Anyways, I just broke it up and mixed it into the rice and had a very nice egg fried rice (that might have been what you were supposed to do anyway for all I know).

Next was a humbling trip to Hyundai Heavy Industries, which began with an exhibit dedicated to Chung Ju-yung, who founded Hyundai back in 1947 and recently passed away. His uprising was a true ‘rags to riches’ story, and seeing the development of the Hyundai franchise through history was inspiring at the least. Continuing with the visit, we got on the bus and began our drive-by tour of the drydocks and facilities. We got to drive past massive ships, spanning upwards of 400 meters in length, both completed and in construction. Photography was not allowed, but even if it was no picture could capture the size of these vessels. Our hotel had a nice view of Ulsan and inspired me to take a quick timelapse of the main road which you can view below.

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