(Not Quite a) Train to Busan

First up, we checked out of the hotel as today we traveled to our final destination: Busan. Busan is the 2nd largest city in South Korea, with over 3 million people and is located beautifully along the coast, home to numerous beaches and seaports. Before continuing with Busan, however, I must talk about what came before which was a visit to Hyundai Motors on the way. Here we got a quick presentation about Hyundai Motors before getting to tour one of the car assembly factories. As expected, pictures were forbidden, so I will try my best to describe what we saw. This specific factory had 2 assembly lines, on which car bodies were slowly traveling with workers adding their respective parts as the vehicle passed. There was a surprisingly low amount of automation aside from transportation of the chasis down the line. The spokeswoman said that the lack of automation is due to the small differences in each order such as driver-side, interior, dashboard, and other various possible upgrades when ordering. This specific factory was also making 3 different, similar-sized vehicles all on the same lines.

Next, we got a bus tour around some of the company land. My favorite part was watching them load the giant ship with cars, as they were just flying up the ramp one after the other in quite an impressive manner. The site had multiple restauraunts, convenience stores, and other worker benefits immediately accessible all around. We then continued our travels to Busan, where we were dropped off right at the beach to explore a bit and get lunch (in our business casual attire), leading to some interesting picture opportunites.

It was very nice and relaxing to be by the ocean, as it always is, and after being dropped off at the hotel I went on a bus to a different beach to chill. Soaring over the water was this huge ski-lift type cable-car going all the way across this bay area, and we began wandering that direction before coming across a famous bridge over the water with glass flooring. We took a glass flooring cable car and the view was incredible (and terrifying when you looked down instead of out) before arriving at the top of the mountain on the other side. There was a strange little kids area with dinosaurs, a piano, princess castle, and fitness machines, which we messed around with for a while. Finally, we took the cable-car back down at night and got a lovely view of the lit up bay area.

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