Day 12: Germany’s Disney

I woke up at 7:30 am  to Rick Astley’s “Never Gonna Give You Up”, but didn’t get out of bed until 7:56 am when I went downstairs and grabbed some breakfast. We boarded the bus ready for an amazing adventure. On our travels, I was excited to finally see some animals, a deer and two swans. They weren’t exactly German, but I’ll take it. We drove to the village of Baindlkirch and visited a restaurant where we ate sausages that we had to skin before eating. 

With Skin
Without Skin

The sausages were interesting to say the least. They were good, but I couldn’t even eat three of them, which is saying something coming from a guy who ate a lot on the trip. They also had pretzels which were delicious. We then headed to a church called Wieskirche (The Pilgrimage Church of Wies) which was designed in the late 1740s. 

Replica of Church

The ornate sculptures and fresco paintings on the ceiling were amazing to see. This church is located at the foot of the Alps and is an example of Bavarian rococo architecture. As we traveled to our next destination, we saw pastures where we thought we saw a dead cow. Thankfully, it turns out he was just relaxing. We then headed to King Ludwig’s Castle, but to get there we had to go up a lengthy hill. After reaching the cliff-side castle, we discovered that it was under construction. Go figure. The castle boasts a concert hall, breathtaking murals and a Throne Hall. We saw the throne King Ludwig sat on and the room he spent his entire fortune on. The castle is gorgeous inside and out, and it even had a secret passageway. 

Replica of Castle

The castle is known as Neuschwanstein, and it was the inspiration for Disney’s Sleeping Beauty’s Castle in DisneyLand.

After the castle we headed to a small city but only had 30 minutes to do want we wanted. We decided to not go far and grab some ice cream. It was really good

We the headed back to the hotel and had some more ice cream. We then got ready for an amazing day ahead of us.

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