Witness Venice

I woke up this morning with Venice being the only thing on my mind. I have always wanted to visit this beautiful city and have been looking forward to today since I knew I would be in Plus3. We had to take a train to Venice which I actually enjoyed so much. We traveled through parts of Italy that aren’t heavily populated and it was beautiful to see open land and rolling hills. I was also able to get a bit more rest so I could be 100% ready to go once we got to Venice.

The first thing I noticed once we got to Venice was that the city is extremely windy. This definitely has something to do with the fact that it’s on water but the wind was strong and lasted all day. After we got the group together, we took a taxi ride through the Grand Canal which was so beautiful. It was amazing to see the network of canals they’ve built around and the beautiful buildings they’ve built on the water. After the taxi ride, we took smaller groups on gondola rides which allowed us to see some of the smaller canals within the city and it really opened my eyes to how much the canals are a part of the city. Almost every building in the city has some contact with the water.

The last part of our day was a walking tour which has been one of my favorites on the trip so far. The history of Venice is so rich and unique so I loved to hear everything she had to say. The church in the middle of their city was my favorite that I’ve seen yet, and I even liked it more than the Duomo Milano. The architecture was very different than a lot of other things we’ve seen in Italy because it used a lot of Byzantine architecture with gothic. This added an interesting twist, and our tour guide said it had to do with German influence many centuries ago. It was also interesting to hear that Venice was formed naturally, and each part of the city is its own little island, and each time you cross a bridge in the city you’re going to a different island.

The day trip to Venice was very fun and I feel like I also learned and gained a much better understanding of the city.

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