New Academy of Design & More

Our first stop today was to the New Academy of Design which was extremely interesting to me. It just felt amazing to be at a place with so many creative people at one time. It was also so cool to see some of the designs from the current students there. We got a chance to see some dresses and hotel room designs from the students which were really cool and seem to be ahead of their time. One of the students made a 1950s themed dress that would still look amazing in today’s society.

After that, we went to a mall to get lunch and I had an extremely interesting experience. We found a sushi buffet with a conveyor belt of sushi that you could take from whenever. The language barrier was also very different because our waiter didn’t speak English very well but actually did speak Spanish which was so surprising to me. I was actually super excited because this was the first time I’ve had a chance to use my knowledge from high school Spanish class. I was able to order relatively easy in Spanish and enjoyed the food very much.

Our final stop was a consortium called Mero & More. They are a company who brings designers’ ideas to light. They work with over 300 companies in the fashion supply chain to take an idea to the consumer. It was cool to see how they are able to take a sketch and digitally print it on to fabrics. They work with companies like Chanel, Gucci, and Yves Saint Laurent, so it was interesting to see where the major fashion designers go to bring their ideas to light. It was also interesting that they mentioned to us that Italy is very popular in the Eastern part of the world. We usually tend to think about western fashion in America but this company said that they were very popular in countries like Russia, Japan, and India.

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