The Best Beach Day

Our last full day in Korea was a beach day! After sleeping in for the first time in about two weeks, a group of us took a cab down to Haeunde Beach. We were dropped off on a stretch of beach walked past an extremely impressive lineup of sandcastles (although it was more like sand art, because people were carving people, musical instruments, and other complex and distinctly non-castle designs).

We spend a lot of time lounging in the sun, and only a little time in the water because it was freezing! I ate some seaweed on a dare though, and the cold water was a nice counterpoint to an otherwise hot day.

Tillman, Jordan, Halima and I also made friends with some French international students who were playing soccer on the beach, so we did a little juggling abd played a game of pickup beach soccer. Beach soccer wound up being really tiring (running in sand is hard) so we went back to the main group and lazed around for a bit before going out for lunch.

At lunch we had some burgers from Thursday Party (super American for our last day in Korea, but we were all a little homesick), and soft serve ice cream.

After lunch we went back to the hotel for some last minute presentation preparation, and went to the farewell banquet and wrap up. It was a huge buffet of Korean foods, fitting for our last major meal of the trip. The last night was a little bittersweet, we were all happy to go home, happy to celebrate the fun we had had, but a little sad to see it end.

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