Entry #11 An overview

One of the key parts of this trip was discussing ethical issues for my profession. Being ethical is a huge part of being an engineer because you are creating products that keep people safe and help keep them alive. The key lesson from the trip came from Horiba. They were showing us their sales and market shares but let us know what is important to them. They judge success by the quality of the product not the sales it receives. This is different to America’s take on success. They want to push out products as fast as possible to increase their sales and create more revenue. An example of this is displayed by Boeing. They have had multiple crashes with their Boeing 737 max. They were just trying to fill the orders instead of making the best products that would have kept people safe.

The education in China differs from that of the United States. Resources in China are very rare because there are over one and four-tenths billion people. This creates a very competitive scene when it comes to their version of the SAT. It is called the Gaokao and includes sections like math and English. VIP kid said parents will devote fifty percent of their income to be tutored. Their high school is very difficult, but college is a much more relaxing time. This is very different from America where high school is pretty easy and college is much harder. They are different but both students work a ton in order to succeed.        

China taught me a lot about culture around the world. We are all humans but the way we live life is so different. The language is so different; the traffic laws are very different and barely exist, and they use a different kind of toilet. But China taught me that just because it is different doesn’t make it worse. I thought the censorship was going to ruin my trip, but it made much less of an impact than I thought it would. China is a very different culture, but they have common goals as us and other cultures, such as raising a kid and making money.

In the beginning of the trip I was intimidated by the business because they are so big and successful.  I also learned how much more competitive the market in China is. The apps like WeChat are so powerful and versatile compared to the apps in the United States. It was nice to see how companies run in another country because it showed another perspective on the economic aspects and made me consider the effects of the trade war.

I learned a lot from working in teams. Unlike my groups in high school I could lean on my group mates. Instead of doing all the work myself we put in equal effort to finish the PowerPoints and our business proposal.  The presentation in front of the whole group was so fun because I was so close with all the people in the room so there was little stress and I was proud of our business idea. Overall, China was one of the most unique locations on the planet and I am so glad I got to go with plus3.

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