Entry #5 First day in Xi’an

On the first full day in Xi’an we went to the children’s village on the top of a mountain outside of Xi’an. The children’s village was started in nine-teen ninety-six to help children whose parents have gone to prison with an education, a good life, and preparing them for the future. The kids at the village go to a local middle school and get a quality education instead of not going to school like most of the kids whose parents go to prison. They also sell small trinkets they make themselves in order to afford food and give gifts to their parents while they are serving their time. We played a ton of games with the kids including volleyball, basketball, and some soccer. After we played games, we went to eat lunch and we got rice, veggies, and some really good tofu in the dining hall. On the way out of the children’s village we saw a bunch of different stands selling only cherries. It was the same type of stand over and over and ever though I am not a business student I don’t think that it was a good business model. After the children’s village, we went to the Wild Goose Pagoda. Before we went close to the Pagoda, we saw a wonderful water show with really good music. The Wild Goose Pagoda was the tallest building in Xi’an from when it was built in six hundred and fifty-two B.C. to nineteen eighty, at sixty-five meters tall. In Chinese culture, for the next life the soul will go through the pagoda and then to heaven. This was also the most famous Buddhist temple in China. Also, when we walked into the pagoda, we saw people praying in front of the Buddha. Our tour guide took us into a room and taught us about the zodiac signs. The highest zodiac sign in the dragon which represents the emperor and the ruler of the land. The second highest zodiac sign is the tiger and it is used for the king or the ruler of the state. After we learned about the zodiac signs, we watched a man do calligraphy and it was incredible. Once I saw how good the calligraphy was, I wanted one for my mom, so I got her one for Mother’s Day. In the room we were in there were a ton of paintings that were all donated to the pagoda to help raise money. One of the paintings was donated by the man who painted Chairman Mao’s portrait that was at Tiananmen Square. After we finished at the pagoda we went out for dinner and Dr. Li being the wonderful man he is paid for it in full. After dinner we went to the Muslim street to get some fake street wear. We walked in and I was instantly shocked by how wild it was. There we people crowding the streets and workers yelling to buy their stuff. Eventually I found what I was looking for the whole trip. A fake supreme fanny pack. I asked for the price and the man said one-hundred and fifty, but I bargained him down to only one-hundred yuan. Overall, the first full day in Xi’an was awesome and so far, has been more exciting than Beijing.

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