Entry #6 An incredible sight to see

The second day in Xi’an started like any other day by getting some of the fabulous breakfast that the hotel had provided for us. On the bus ride to the Terracotta warriors our tour guide Kevin talked to us about elements in China. In the United States we only have four elements, earth, wind, and fire. But in China there are eight elements including those four and sky and mountain. If you have a good balance of these elements Chinese lore says that you will have good fortune. We also learned that Beijing has been the capital for eight-hundred years. This may seem like a long time, but it is still less than Xi’an, which was the capital of China for over eleven hundred years before it was moved to Beijing. Also, we learned why the Terra-cotta warriors were created. It was to protect the emperor in the after-life. He had eight thousand different warriors build in order to ensure that he would have enough protection in the afterlife, but only two thousand of them are visible. This emperor was very powerful and become the first true emperor of China by uniting the seven states of China into one state two thousand and two-hundred years ago. We got to the Terra-cotta warriors’ plot, and at the sight there were three different pits. We saw the third pit first and there wasn’t a lot to offer. Most of it had not been excavated yet besides a few broken warriors at the bottom of the pit. Then we saw the second pit and it was a little more exciting. It was the home to the generals and commanding officers of the army, so they were different than the normal warriors that you normally see because they were high ranking officials. Eventually we made our way to pit one which was incredible. There were hundreds Terra-cotta warriors lined up one after each other. It was incredible but the place was a mad house. Me and Krish had to push and shove our way to the front just to get a clear picture of the warriors. After this we went to get lunch at a very good Chinese place with incredible noodles and desserts. We met another group from Norway and Matt tried talking to them but got denied and it was hilarious to see him walk back to the table in disappointment. After this we took the bus to the city wall for a bike ride around the wall. It was extremely dusty, so it was very hard for me to breathe with my asthma while on the bike, but we made it around the wall pretty quickly. When we got around the wall, we were waiting for the rest of the group to finish and we noticed the same group of Norwegian people from the restaurant. Matt being the guy he is went up to the same girls and tried to get their contact information again but failed for the second time. He walked back in disappointment and it was even funnier the second time that he tried. Overall, the last day in Xi’an was awesome and it was nice to bike around the city wall but my breathing was really bad, and I was too nervous to go out again so I skipped dinner and stayed in the Hotel.

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