Day 1: Time Traveling

May 4, 2019

We didn’t exactly hit the ground running to start our trip. Today consisted entirely of travel. Can’t say it doesn’t make sense. South Korea is about as far as we can get from Pittsburgh. Factor in the couple of hours to Dallas, twelve more to Incheon, and a thirteen-hour time difference and you have a day that feels like it never existed at all.

Oh well. Here we are. There is one thing that makes it all worth it though: we’re spending two weeks in South Korea!!! I honestly still can’t believe this is happening. To be halfway across the world immersing myself in a culture I’ve only just started learning about and earning credit for my time abroad? It doesn’t feel real.

Every time a friend or family member asked me if I was excited to be going, I sort of shrugged my shoulders. The obvious answer was yes. Heck yes, even. But it never really sunk in. I kept putting off the thought because I had so much other stuff to worry about. Finishing the school year was always task number one. I couldn’t go to Korea if I didn’t survive finals week first. Then came to work search. After the academic year ended, I had a few interviews to worry about. A bunch of loose ends to tie up.

And now, sitting on the plane, about to land, I finally feel all the excitement I put off for weeks. A quick look at the itinerary reveals just how much we have planned. The university and company visits are going to more work-oriented for sure, but the culture visits should be amazing. There’s so much to look forward to. In the words of Dr. Yun, the professor leading our trip, “No worry, only fun in Korea.” Time to see just what he means!

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