Day 2: We Have Arrived

May 5, 2019

Okay. All things considered, today felt like a more of a half day than anything… or maybe a quarter day. I’m not really sure. After finally landing at the airport outside of Seoul, we got our first taste of what the country looks like. I think I speak for everyone when I saw that we were exhausted. If it were any other day, I know most of us would have fallen asleep on the bus ride to the hotel. But today, our first (half) day in Korea, all eyes were glued to the windows as we traveled across some countryside, the highway, across a couple of bridges, and into the skyline of downtown Seoul.

I’ve been fortunate to travel to a lot of cities across the United States and Europe. I’ve seen my fair share of high rises and building clusters. Today in Seoul though, it definitely takes the cake. The view of different to say the least. Half of the skyscrapers are uniform and practically clones of each other. The other half are weirdly shaped, curving outwardly with pieces missing from the traditional rectangular shape. Then there were the cultural relics. Dotting the urban environment were old school temples and palaces with traditional architecture and vibrant patterns of color.

I don’t think anyone cared to blink the hour and a half it took us to reach our hotel. After a quick check-in, we set off for our first meal in Korea. We went to this little restaurant in what I could only describe as an underground mall. Come to think of it, I’m not sure I want to blink now either. There’s so much to see. So much to do. I think I have to learn to type faster, so I can spend less time writing these blogs and more time out there. I can’t wait!

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