Our Final Day in China

Today was our very last day in China.  I’m sad to be leaving China and all the friends I have made but, I am also kind of happy to be going back to normal life at home.  The flight however I am not looking forward to.  This morning we went to the Yu Garden, which was super pretty and, also super busy.  There were lots of koi ponds and beautiful greenery.  We also saw some turtles swimming around, just like the ones some of our group ate for lunch yesterday.  After walking through the garden, we went out to the streets to do some shopping for last minute souvenirs.  We saw a lot of fake name brands like at the market in Xi’an, and some questionable street food.  After we all bought a couple of things, we got some lunch and then got back on the bus to go to the hotel. 

 At the hotel we had a few hours to pack up all our stuff and then get ready for our group presentations of our business models.  For our presentations we walked to a conference room at a different hotel close by.  Our assignment was to create a business model that would be successful in China.  All the groups came up with very interesting ideas.  A few of them were apps such as an app that can scan your food and tell you all the ingredients and allergens that are in it and an app that you can enter your measurements into to try on clothes virtually.  A few other ideas involved solar panels such as a phone case that charges your phone using solar energy or an air conditioning unit that runs using solar energy. 

After we all presented, we walked to a restaurant to have our farewell dinner together.  We had a lot of good food most of it being things we hadn’t tried yet on the trip.  We also had a final test of our chopstick skills to see if we could all pick up a raisin with chopsticks.  After dinner our program coordinators gave farewell speeches and showed us a slideshow of all our pictures from the trip with baby shark as the background music, of course.  The program coordinators were also nice enough to give each of us a gift.  After dinner we went back to the hotel and changed to change into our comfy travel clothes and checked out of the hotel.  We were all sad to leave China, we have had the most amazing two weeks and met a lot of awesome people.

  At the airport we did have a small incident with a bullet in a bag, a missing phone, and a couple of delayed flights but, we all still managed to make it out of China.  It felt like the longest day ever with all the time changes but after almost twenty-four hours of traveling I finally made it home to Buffalo.    

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