Day 11: The Yangshan Port

Today was our second last day before the long flight home we’re all starting to dread.  We had a very early start this morning for the long drive to our last company visit.  On the bus ride to the port we had guest speaker who was a former student at Pitt who had moved to Shanghai a few years ago because of her job.  We got the chance to ask her a lot of questions about life in China as an American and all the adjustments she had to make.  It is crazy to me to even think about moving across the world and forming all new relationships with people who do not even speak the same language.  Clearly it works for a lot of people since we have met so many Americans here, and several from Pitt specifically.  On the way to the company we stopped to take some pictures and take in the view of the port.

 Our last company visit of the trip was at Lingang Modern Logistics which was at the Yangshan Port.  Two of their employees gave us a presentation on the company to start the visit.  As a logistics company Lingang organizes the storage and distribution of goods.  The company is owned and funded completely by the Chinese government.  Lingang’s port is in a perfect location outside of Shanghai at the Yangtze River and Hangzhou Bay.  Lingang is made up of three parts, the industrial zone, the logistics park, and the free trade zone.  The industrial zone is where manufacturing happens, the logistics park is where the port is, and the free trade zone is where warehousing and distribution happens.  After our presentation in the office we got on the bus and drove out to their port where we got to see some of the ships.  We also got to have a very interesting lunch at Lingang.  Part of the lunch was turtle which I had not seen on a plate before until today.  One of the biggest differences between China and America that I noticed was the types of food we were served.  A lot of the foods eaten here in China are thought of as weird or gross at home.

  After we got back to the hotel, we had an afternoon of free time to finish up our group project and spend some time rehearsing for our presentations tomorrow.  For dinner a group of us went to a bar and restaurant to get some American food since we were on our own.  We were typical Americans and got chicken fingers and fries.  After that we took a walk around the city to one of the big malls nearby where we got some ice cream at a dairy queen.  On our walk back to the hotel we passed lots of parks with elderly people exercising and dancing together, it seems like a big thing here in China.  Our walk around Shanghai tonight made me love the city even more than I already did.

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