About Me

Hi! My name is Julia Haber and I am currently an incoming sophomore Pitt Business student. My major is global management and my minor is Spanish.My future career goals include getting my MBA in Business  and becoming fluent in Spanish. After that I would love to start my own international company preferably cosmetic based. I love learning about different cultures and meeting new people so I am very excited for this program. I decided to join because I love anything international, whether it’s traveling or simply communicating with people from other backgrounds.I also decided to join because I participated in a club called Model United Nations which seemed similar. In that club we met international students and discussed world policies with them as well as talked about resolutions. This sparked my interest in the global program.

    A little about me is that I love cooking, traveling, and watching movies. I have traveled to more countries than states. I spend a lot of time going on drives, hanging with friends, and I love skincare products. 

   As a student I would say my biggest strength is my time management skills and independence. I am very good at balancing assignments with my free time and planning studying ahead. I am very organized with my notes and studying. My favorite subject is Spanish because I love different languages. I don’t spend a lot of hours studying because if I study too hard I forget things easily.I review my notes often to keep up with past and upcoming materials so I don’t fall behind. 

     As a worker I am very serious and punctual. I can not have late work or I get anxious. I do my work drastically over time not last minute because if I wait last minute I will not work efficiently. I am good in groups if we need collaboration for projects but overall work best independently. I work best doing things fast and a bunch of things at once than one thing at a time. I like to spread my time out in between tasks to ensure efficiency between all tasks.

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