Plus3 Global Projects: Self-Introduction

Hi everyone, my name is Logan and this past school year was my first year at the University of Pittsburgh! I’m yet to declare my major, however, I’m heavily leaning towards a degree in Finance with a certificate in International Business and possibly a minor in Economics. Post graduation, my hopes for the future is to land a job in either wealth management or private wealth management and ideally work for a big bank in Boston or New York City.

Just a little bit about myself, I come from a small town in New Hampshire that is about an hour north of Boston, Massachusetts. Some of my favorite things to do are traveling, going to the beach, hanging out with friends, skiing and snowboarding, and playing really any sport especially soccer and lacrosse as I played both for my high school. This coming fall when hopefully restrictions start to ease up I’m considering trying out for club soccer and if not, getting involved in a few intramural sports in addition to continuing my involvement in the student organization Panther Equity. 

The concept of being able to study abroad so early on in your college career through this program is one of the main reasons I applied to it and even one of the leading factors of why I choose to come to Pitt. I’ve always had a passion for traveling as my past experiences have really taught me a lot and helped me gain new perspectives on the world and although this program will be carried out virtually, I still think that it will be very beneficial to my personal, academic, and professional development. Aside from gaining new knowledge about the healthcare industry which I’m not too familiar with, what I hope to get out of this program is to develop my critical thinking skills, my adaptability, and my communication skills within a team setting. I believe that developing these skills as much as you can is very important as they are all crucial to success in the professional world, and this program is an excellent opportunity to do so through the different activities and projects we will be participating in. 

It’s crazy to think how fast this academic year went by as it wrapped up for all of us at Pitt this past week, and although I’m sad to say goodbye to freshman year, I’m beyond excited to meet and get to know everyone in the coming weeks and see what the future holds!

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