A New Adventure

Hello everyone! I’m Kate Friedemann from Spring City, PA about 45 minutes outside of Philly. I’m currently a freshman at Pitt in the business school! I’m currently undecided but leaning towards being a Marketing and Supply Chain Management major and minoring in Economics. I also plan to obtain a Certificate in Leadership and Ethics. I enjoy playing sports such as basketball and volleyball and doing any form of hiking or walking.

I have chosen to embark on Plus3 Cyprus due to my interests in Supply Chain Management as a major and never having been to Europe. This is also an opportunity for me to learn more about other cultures and individuals in both a business and personal sense which I believe is very valuable to my future professional endeavors as well as in daily human life. In this trip overall, I will also be able to see sites relevant to Greek culture and history which has been very interesting to me since I was young!

Through this trip I hope to gain a broadened and more in depth understanding of the real life function of supply chains, how business is dealt, and how those from other countries live. I am aware this is a once in a lifetime experience, and I am to value and appreciate this and have the most worthwhile experience I can. I’m also looking forward to trying new foods and making new friends!

I’m very excited, and I cannot wait to experience this trip with everyone!

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