Plus3 Cyprus 2: The Start of Something New

Hello! My name is Kennedy Snook and I am from Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania, which is about 10 minutes from Harrisburg. I am a freshman Bioengineering major with an intended minor in Mechanical Engineering. I chose this major so that I could combine the aspects of creative design, science, mathematics, and critical thinking. Eventually, I am hoping to eventually get my Masters Degree and work with the medical product design process to make an impact in patient’s lives. 

Some of my hobbies include rock climbing, skiing, hiking, and gardening. I am a member of the Competitive Climbing Team at Pitt, and competed this year for our first Divisionals win. I also am a member of the Hall Council for Forbes Hall, the Engineering LLC.  I am the youngest of 5 siblings and have 2 adorable cats at home. I also am a huge Steelers fan, so being in the city of Pittsburgh was a huge advantage towards me attending Pitt! 

I decided to do Plus3 Cyprus 2 so that I could experience something new outside of the typical classroom experience. As an engineering student with some AP credit, I will not have the opportunity to take many electives in college outside of math, science, and engineering courses. Therefore, Plus3 is the perfect opportunity to expand my knowledge and grow as a person. Specifically, Cyprus includes the global supply chain, which is important to understand when designing products for any field.

Of course, I also love traveling, cities, and being immersed in new cultures , so I believe that I will love every aspect of the trip. I am super excited to make new friends, memories, and bring these moments with me throughout the rest of my life and career. 

Plus3 Cyprus 2: The Start of Something New

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