Willkommen Plus 3 and Augsburg


Hello! My name is Zach Nellas and I am a freshman engineering student at the University of Pittsburgh. I have lived just outside of Pittsburgh all of my life, previously attending Mt. Lebanon High School where I played soccer for most of my life. The hobbies that give me the most enjoyment in life are playing soccer and listening to as much music as I can. Also, I adore the city of Pittsburgh, which reminds me of how lucky I am to have my college education at Pitt. My intended major at the University of Pittsburgh is biomedical engineering, and I plan to minor in computer science. I am fascinated by biology, hoping to find a professional career in that field without having to go to medical school.

A love for soccer and time spent studying the language is what led me to choose Plus 3 Germany. Germany has a great affinity for the sport of soccer, and the culture surrounding it is mesmerizing. The passion that the German people have for the game is something I would love to see in person. I also spent all of middle school and a majority of high school studying the German language. This left me with much more knowledge about the country and its culture, intriguing me greatly on what it would be like to visit one day.

I believe that is vastly important for a college student to take risks and experience new things. Plus 3 as a freshman sounded like the perfect opportunity to take a risk and open my eyes to a completely different part of the world. I am incredibly excited to meet new people and experience a culture that could change the way that I think about the world. I know that I am beyond lucky to have received the opportunity to travel abroad as a freshman in college.

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