Pittbusiness x Microsoft.

The second day scaries are hitting for sure, because my feet are gonna need some recovery from all this walking! After a truly wonderful day of tours and historical learning, we came to a more present and future focused point today as we ventured to the great Microsoft. I can very much say it was nothing like I was expecting! I guess I might live under a rock, but before coming to the headquarters of Microsoft in Dublin, I did not necessarily think about a futuristic game changer, community learning, or collaboration when thinking about Microsoft. Generally, I think of three things;  behind the competition, Windows, and men working on computers. I can say that that was not what I saw today in person when our group went to the Microsoft site visit. I was amused and surprised to see a very modern space filled with a younger working population: some alone and some working together. To be honest, from the outside it looks like a wonderful place to work and grow a career. The site visit opened my eyes to what Microsoft can really offer (a bunch of things I did not know), and how they plan to expand in the coming years. I really enjoyed the focus on their mistakes and how they learned to grow from those and how they strive to never fall in that pit again. The Dublin office has incorporated themselves into the community and the country by fostering growth amongst its youngest employees. It seems like they really enjoy their employees originating from all over, but the focus on spurring growth in Ireland itself is prevalent. Now that we have visited a tech company, a question I may ask would be: “How does tech intertwine with lower level schools? Is it taught to a certain degree, or per the student’s personal interest?” 

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