Day 4: Terrific Tours in Munich! (May 11)

Starting with the earliest day of the trip so far, we got on the bus at 7 AM to travel to Webasto. Since everyone was already tired in the morning, we knew that the next 12 hours of company visits would be long. Despite the lack of sleep, it was impossible not to enjoy the beautiful German countryside on our ninety minute long bus ride. The Webasto building was very modern and sleek and it showed promise as a good start to the day. We were given an introduction to Bavarian Pretzels just before Webasto’s presentation, which was certainly a nice surprise. They also gave us a look into their production sight, which highlighted the precision and detail they strive for to make the best possible product.

After the morning, we took the bus into the heart of Munich to the BMW headquarters. We were all excited because BMW is the most famous company we were going to visit, and it did not disappoint at all. The tour of the factory was engaging and rich with information. To be able to see so many robots putting together cars on the floor was a pleasure. It gave me an insight into the industry that was special to see in person.

We were soon met with even more information about the company as we embarked on a tour of the BMW museum. Being able to see the evolution of their airplane engines to motorcycles to the cars we see today was very interesting, along with the fact that they make beautiful automobiles. The highlight of the museum was the 507 model, the same car that Elvis Presley drove about 65 years ago.

507 Model

The BMW employees gave an abundant amount of important information about the company, giving a true insight into the philosophy of BMW. It was absolutely the best company visit we had gone on so far.

After finishing up at BMW, we were taken back to Augsburg to eat on our own for the night. There had been a great amount of talk about the Doner kebab back in Pittsburgh, so it was only right to take this opportunity to try it.

Doner Sandwich

Not only did it talk the talk, but it walked the walk. It was a great sandwich and this will probably not be the last time I have Turkish food on this trip. On the walk back to the hotel, we were also treated to a nice Augsburg sunset to end the day.

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