Day 3: Ports and the Sea

Today we started off the day on our way back to Limassol to meet with both the Dubai Ports World company as well as Eurogate. We were able to have all our questions answered and see the processes of the company in real time with the onsite tours in place. Eurogate also gave us a gift bag and some treats before we headed off!

Next, we ate lunch together at the Limassol Old Port with a great view of the sea. Following this, we were able to explore the Limassol castle and see various tombstones and artifacts from the past. This varied from pottery, weaponry, and art even to the extent of a skeleton. It was very interesting to see the culture all in one place throughout Cyprus’ varied history and be able to see the longevity of these artifacts and pieces even after so many years.

We also had some free time to enjoy the Old City and Marina for a few hours in which we looked through many different shops and witnessed a cat sleeping on a table. Similar to this cat, once we all got onto the bus we all collectively fell asleep after a tiring day in the sun. I ate a hearty meal for dinner and grabbed some sweets before preparing for the next day. I can’t wait for what’s to come tomorrow!

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