A Flexible Mindset

After another uncharacteristically sunny day today, which I am not complaining about in the slightest, we ended up visiting the Guinness Enterprise Center to hear from Madison Roche about entrepreneurship. What really stuck with me from it is that entrepreneurship is more so an exercise of mental fortitude and being able to have meaningful connections with powerful people than one may first imagine. She also said that circumstances can change so quickly for an entrepreneur in their journey that it is important to be flexible and come up with solutions without knowing the answer. Regardless of what they were doing or what their situation was, that was what stood out among the biggest winners that connected with the GEC, as well as other small business support programs.

What she said happened to tie in well with what Dr. Kelly was mentioning yesterday in regard to different styles of cooking, an analogy for education. There are two ways to cook something like a lasagna: you either follow the recipe or ballpark it based on what you generally know about cooking. He said that the first way led to improved understanding, while grades are handled more subjectively from professor to professor. This can lead to different outcomes in people’s patterns of thinking and is often tied in with the country’s culture (he also gave navigating as another example: Ireland’s just walking around, while America’s following a set path). More free can be more rewarding, but more structure means that more things can get done in the short term.

Additionally, something that can be derived from what Dr. Kelly said was one of entrepreneurship’s main goals is to not just serve current demands, but uncover new ones to serve. For example, he talked about how an increase in disposable income in Irish people led to people making great careers in the hair salon and coffee businesses. This makes the process of “starting a business” easier since the viable options can be whittled down to what people need or want that they can spend on. This is worth considering as a lot of developing countries have a young population like Ireland’s with a lot of educated and hardworking people, albeit they were educated a bit differently.

When I thought about the cooking and education analogy, I think that I need a combination of structure and freedom. If there is too much structure, then I can confine myself and can get a bit annoyed and stressed out over not knowing the exact answer. If there is too much freedom, then I would not know where to start. It is harder to do, but a mix of both is what works best for me. This is certainly somewhere that I can improve.

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