Ports and more!

Today was another trip to Limassol. (Surprise- we left at 8am) First we had a company meeting with Dubai Ports World. We heard from two of their employees about their operations in general and got to see some of the facility. DPW only has 74 employees which I found interesting. The job that DPW fulfills at the port is such as an airport. They receive the vessels, do whatever needs done to them before they leave, and makes sure they go to the right place. DPW said they receive about 25 vessels every week. 

We then left DPW and met up with Eurogate. Eurogate works in the same port as DPW but they do different jobs. Eurogate is in charge of unloading and loading cargo. The machinery that they use is fascinating and enormous. It reminded me of something out of Star Wars. After the meeting, we got to go outside and do a little tour of their facility. We got to see a lot of vessels and the machinery actually being used. 

It was then time for lunch. We went to a cute restaurant in Old Port. Old Port is an area in Limassol with small shops and places to eat. We ate right near the water and the food was very good! 

Our final company visit of the day was with the Cyprus Ports Authority, Cyprus Agents Association, and the Limassol Chamber of Commerce. Each representative gave a short presentation about what they do. The thing I found the most interesting from this meeting was how the war in Ukraine seems to be heavily affecting the ports. A lot of their answers started with “2 months ago my answer would be different.” It was cool to have the opportunity to hear from such important people in Cyprus. 

Today was very tiring, but informative and definitely worth it!

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