Boats and Port Authority

On our third day to Limassol, we visited the largest port in Cyprus, and the first company we visited was DP World. They are a company that tends to be an intermediary between the government. They almost act like an airport as the boats pay to dock in their docking space and the company will fuel, maintenance, and do any other services the ship needs until it needs to set sail again. They have local and international stake holders and are one of three companies that own space on the Limassol dock.

The next place we visited was Eurodock, which is a German based docking company that resides in Cyprus. They told us more about their company and more about how the port itself works. General cargo on ships is more like cars, wood, steel, or anything that can be packaged. Wet cargo is any type of liquid or gas/oil that needs to be transported. STS cranes are the big cranes in the sky that can be seen from far away. These are the machines that grab containers and put them on or off the boat. These things can cost around $7 million. Eurogate offers vessel operation, truck operation, storage, and reefer services.

Next, we went to get lunch in old Limassol and then went to a meeting with the Cyprus Port Authority, Cyprus Shipping Agents Association, with there being presidents, general managers, and ministers of energy and transport. The first person to speak was the head of the port authority. He first started off by saying how complex the supply chains have become, and that sustainability is a big issue especially when it comes to developing new ports. They need to think about the ocean the city, and the surrounding environment. They want to improve their competitiveness with other countries by making more workers can speak English.  It has 3 roles: 1. provides commercial services like development of port land, berthing of vessels, port reception. 2.Provided public functions such as port security, environmental protection. 3.Acts as regular for companies. Then the representative from the Cyprus Shipping Association started speaking. They are the professional form of the shipping agents of Cyprus. They make sure they have provision of high-quality services and adherence to high ethical standards by members. This section collaborates with all private and public local port stakeholders. They collect freight income, issue delivery orders and sign bills of landing, lodges all necessary documents into the PCS, and can also offer marketing for cargoes, may provide warehousing, customs clearance, and haulage services.

SPS crane
tug boats in port
inside port terminal

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