day 4

Today was the best say far, beating yesterday, the previous winner for the best day so far. Started off at 7:00 am. Got breakfast, got on the bus at 8:00 am. Nothing special so far. We then took a trip into the Troodos Mountains where I saw some pretty cool views. We then went to see a small town in the mountains, Omodos village. This town was super cool because it was so peaceful and beautiful. The houses were gorgeous and the environment, the greenery, and the views made it all the better. I even saw some kittens and got a bracelet which is pretty dope. I also snagged some wine to bring back to the fam as a souvenir.

After that, we got lunch at a restaurant in the village. This was the best lunch yet. The food was amazing, my favorite being the rolls (I had 7, this is a judgement free zone). After lunch, we went to a meeting with Limassol Chamber of Commerce. This meeting was very informative, but it was so hot in the room which made it super uncomfy. Nonetheless, it was probably the most beneficial meeting yet and I got to know some important people in the Cyprus government.

Can’t wait for tomorrow, going to the beach will be pretty sick (I like saying pretty if you can’t tell). cya

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