Day 4: High Mountains and High Society

Today, we visited the mountains of Troodos. Troodos is the tallest mountain in Cyprus. It is the only place on the island that will consistently receive snow every year. After visiting the top of the mountain, we went down to a little village for lunch. Here, I visited an ancient monastery and walked around the little town. Its architecture was incredible. In the little town, I purchased some jewelry, as well. Finally, at the end of the day we had a discussion at the Limassol Chamber of Commerce with four important men. Two were from the shipping agency and two were from the Cyprus Ports Authority. All four of these men had high ranking positions like President or Chairman.

The Cyprus Ports Authority is an autonomous organization. As an organization is supervises all the ports in Cyprus. One of the men said, “Ports are the nexus of the supply chain.” It is the nexus that connects both nationally and globally to the economy. They are pushing the agenda of a “Blue Economy,” which is preserving aquatic life and being environmental. The Cyprus Ports Authority have three roles: provide commercial services, provide public functions, and to act as a regulator for port services.

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