Day 3: Lovely Limassol (Part II)

Today was a trip to Limassol to visit Limassol’s port, the largest port in Cyprus by both size and productivity. The port of Limassol is divided into three sections. It is divided into DP World, Eurogate and P&O Services. We visited two out of the three facilities, DP World and Eurogate. The reason the port is split into different companies is because the port was commercialized, or privatized, by the government so the port could do more business.

DP World is a Dubai based company that has lots of facilities around the globe, including America. At the Limassol port, they handle general cargo, oil and gas, and cruise ships. We were given a tour of the DP World side of the port. There we saw a cruise ship docked in the middle of a trip and cars being unloaded from a ship and placed into a lot. The man who spoke to us was an excellent speaker. He gave good life advice about asking questions and being curious. We are the masters of our own lives.

Next, we visited the Eurogate side of the port. They deal with strictly container shipments. Their operations include import/export of goods and transshipment of goods. Transshipment means that the crate they receive is not intended for Cyprus and they will be exporting it back out. Eurogate gave us a tour of their side of the port, as well. Here, I saw the two large cranes and the special vehicles used to pick up crates and transport them to the transport trucks.

At night, I tried an Oreo crepe, and it was delicious. Later, Nick and I found live music outside of a restaurant. It was all in Greek, but the vibes were great.

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