Day 4: Trek through the mountains

In reverse of yesterday we first leisurely headed to Trodos square to explore the mountains and take in the breath taking scenery. After our stop we headed further into the mountains to visit Omodos village and Timios Stravos Monastery. In the monastery there was a lot of relics, the most important one being a small piece of the holy cross. Although I didn’t understand the significance of the relics it was still a really cool experience to see something that meant a lot to other people. In Omodos village we had another delicious group lunch and even had cake for Lucy’s birthday!

After leaving Omodos village we headed back to Limassol to meet with the Cyprus Port Authority and Cyprus Shipping Agency. It was really interesting to hear about the broader aspects of port management from higher levels of management in the company. It was also interesting to hear that the commercialization of ports that we learned about yesterday allowed for Cyprus to get a lot of foreign investment. I really enjoyed this meeting as I felt they gave thorough and candid answers to things people asked about.

Cyprus continues to amaze me with its culture, food, and people. Cant wait to continue being amazed tomorrow!

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