Cement and Sun

Today we traveled to Limassol once again to meet with executives from Vasiliko Cement and VTTV. VTTV is a company that services other companies that own oil products. Some things they do include storing, moving, and modifying these oil products. We learned about the oil supply chain and how it gets from crude oil to the many different final products it can become as well as the supply chain terms upstream (raw materials), midstream (intermediate storage/processing), and downstream (getting the product to the customer). The executive from Vasiliko cement talked about what exactly cement is and the process used to make it. We learned that concrete is the second most consumed resource in the world only behind water and that cement is the third largest export of Cyprus. We ended our time there by taking a tour of the company’s facilities.

After that, we went to a seafood restaurant right next to the water for lunch. While I wasn’t a huge fan of the food, it was cool to see the whole fish and shrimp they brought for us to eat. We then traveled to Larnaca where we saw a famous mosque and church. Then we had some free time to spend at the beach. The sand was way softer than it is in America and the water was super calm and clear.

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