Day Four; Mountain Town Tour

Today, we took a break from Cyprus’s humid climate and visited the mountains around Nicosia. We went to a small tourist town very high up in the mountains, so high it snows there consistently every year. Ramsey showed me his photography skills as we took some nice pictures of the surrounding valleys and mountains. Another short bus ride later, and we arrived at a small town.

In the small town, we saw tons of kids playing by their schools, and shops of all kind. Wine, coffee, ice cream, trinkets, and clothes were all readily available in this small corner of Cyprus- we even found a medieval wine press. Despite all of the interesting things about the town, it’s greatest attraction was the church. The church was home to many religious artifacts, including some of the twine that was used to bind Jesus while he was being crucified. I definitely didn’t consider creating an Ocean’s 11 style team to execute religious heists all around the world. The church also had multiple artifacts from saints, including some of their bones.

We had a delicious meze lunch in a restaurant in the village, including their famous crackling pork. I personally thought the chicken was the best though.

We concluded the day by visiting Cyprus Port Authorities, the government agency in charge of the Cypriot ports. We learned the importance of the ports running smoothly, and how heavily the Cypriot economy relies on its ports. It only struck me later how lucky we were to get some of their time, as two of the original panelists had to be in EU meetings.

After coming back to Nicosia, we celebrated Lucy’s birthday and got a restful night of sleep.

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