Day 6: Last Company Visit at Grob Werke (May 13)

Today was the last time we had to wake up at six to make it on time for the bus, and it was also the last company visit of the trip. We were given a tour of the Grob-Werke factory by a very enthusiastic and personable employee, which made our final visit much easier. Another important aspect of industry was seen today because we were able to see a company that produces large machines for automation. Clearly, they are another vital aspect of the supply chain for companies that mass produce.

After we returned from Grob in Munich, we went to the University of Augsburg once again to watch two more presentations from VDE and a former BMW manager. VDE talked about the external demand and market for electric mobility, which provided a nice compliment to the internal applications we saw at each of the company visits. The former BMW employee gave a great talk about automated driving. He detailed the logistics of it in a lot of depth, giving us more vital information for our own presentations and for understanding automation as a whole.

Finally finishing at about six in the evening, the group was given the rest of the day to go and experience more of Augsburg. Almost everyone went to eat at Aposto, which was a cool Italian restaurant right off of Maximillianstrasse. I ordered linguine and a Pizza, which were both very tasty. I was questioned by a few people for ordering two items but I ended up eating everything. It is only right that I try as much food as I can while abroad.

Yummy pasta

We then had gelato after dinner, which kept up the consistency of almost everything in Augsburg being high quality. Maxi and Nikolas joined us for the evening, and it always nice to have two natives of the city with you. It is also beyond interesting and amusing to talk to them about different aspects of German and American culture. Maxi and Nikolas also do an especially great job of showing us around the city and recommending the best places to go to eat, so it has been wonderful getting to know them and experience the city with them helping us out.

I was glad to finish up the company visits because the next few days will consist of more sight-seeing and free time for the group to relax. Each day in Germany only makes me more excited to explore the next, and I do not think I could ask for much more.

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