Day Five: Sailing and the Sea


We started off our day a bit later at 9:30 today, heading back to Limassol once again. We went to the BSM Maritime Training Center. Here we learned about the four-year program that allows sailors to become certified as well as other options that are available to their students. My favorite part of the visit was getting to see the different simulations that they have available for education. I was impressed by how intricate the simulation for the engine room was. I cannot imagine how long it would take to learn all of these parts. The other simulation was of the bridge room. This is the one that I thought seemed like a lot of fun. I think it is cool that the supervisor’s can program in different situations so that the student’s learn how to work together and to problem solve. I also thought that learning the lifestyle of a sailor was fascinating. They work for months at sea, and then come home for a long break. However, their job allows them to see much of the world.

Lunch was an interesting experience for me today. We ate at a fish tavern in Zygi, and it started off pretty similar to the other meze meals that we have been served. However, they then began serving the seafood. A lot of the seafood was cooked and served whole, which was intimidating to me. I did not know how to eat some of it or which parts were good to eat. Because of this, I only tried some, but what I did eat was good.

We then visited the Hala Sultan Tekke mosque. This was an informative experience for me as I had never visited a mosque before, and it looked different inside than I had been expecting. We also had to dress make sure that we were dressed appropriately and remove our shoes before we were permitted to enter.

Finally, we had some free time in Larnaca. We spent that time briefly visiting St. Lazarus Church before browsing some of the souvenir shops. This area seemed to be a lot more touristy than Nicosia, so they had a lot more of these kinds of stores. We then were able to walk into the water for the first time. It seemed like it was a pleasant temperature, so I look forward to swimming this weekend.

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