Grob! (May 13)

Grob? Grob! As you can probably tell, we visited Grob today for our last company tour. Grob is a German manufacturing firm which builds heavy machinery for other companies to use. The first thing I noticed when we arrived at their industrial complex was the size of the place. Grob essentially has it’s own private city to manufacture machines in. They even have their own health care clinic! The Grob reception area was massive as well. The large pillars and impressive decorations made Grob feel like a very powerful company! Sadly, the nondisclosure form I signed means that you won’t see any pictures from inside the company. You’ll just have to take my word for it!

Despite Grob’s intimidating appearance, every person we met within the building was super friendly. The company’s culture is very upbeat and positive, and you could feel the energy from every Grob employee we interacted with. Our tour guide for the day exemplified this well, as he made plenty of jokes and shared many personal stories. He was awesome!

The thing I took away most from today’s company tour with Grob was their dedication to their employees. The training program that Grob has for new hires is excellent. The company has made a huge investment in training facilities, as trainees get to work with heavy machinery purchased with the sole intent of training workers. Grob tends to hire people fresh out of high school, and their new hires tend to stay with the company for many, many years. This training, combined with excellent employee benefits, salaries, and working culture, make Grob a really impressive company. I would be happy to visit here again anyday!


We finished our day by returning to the University of Augsburg. Here we got to speak with representatives from VDE and BMW. The topics included the future of electric mobility and the future of autonomous driving. Both lectures were very in-depth, and provided a unique perspective on the external forces surrounding firms in the automobile industry.

Tomorrow we have a tour of the city Munich! You can find me at the Lego store! See you all tomorrow!

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