Seas the Day

Sleeping in until 8:30 today felt amazing! I was fully rested and ready to go at 9:30 for our visit to BSM Maritime Training Center. The bus rides become increasingly more enjoyable for me, as I enjoy the scenic views and also have time to nap when I’m feeling extra tired (which is most days). 

The facility had an older exterior but was very modern inside with sea-based decor. We were able to meet with one of head trainers, who gave us an overview of their center and also gave us a tour of their training module rooms, which was incredible to see. The technology was impressive and allows the center to simulate engine features in order to prepare the seafarers for any problems that might come up while aboard. They focus more on effective interactions and communications rather than the specific engine models for each particular ship (that training can be completed later). I particularly enjoyed hearing the captain’s personal stories and experiences being at sea, as he had over 20 years in the industry and said he “wouldn’t have it any other way.”

We finished up at BSM and left for our lunch at a fish tavern closer to Larnaca. There were tons of different types of seafood, and normally I wouldn’t have ordered or eaten any of it, but when in Cyprus… After lunch, we left for the Hala Sultan Tekke mosque and got there around 3:30. We stopped for a quick walkthrough and then left for the city of Larnaca. Finally, some time at the beach!

We got off the bus, immediately went for a short walk through the St. Lazarus Church, and visited more souvenir shops before going down to the water. Walking down the shore with the breeze blowing was really relaxing and made me excited for even more time at the beach tomorrow. I’ve had a great first week here, and I am excited for the days to come!

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