Today, we started out by visiting Vasiliko Cement and VTT Vasiliko (VTTV). Vasiliko Cement is a company that makes clinker and cement products through cultivating the large limestone, gypsum, and clay resources in the Cyprus mountains. This company has managed to own their entire supply chain for the creation of clinker. Vasiliko Cement owns limestone, gypsum, and clay quarries to obtain the natural resources themselves, and then transports them to their own facilities. Here, they send the resources through several machinery processes, such as grinding them into fine pieces and firing them through a spinning kiln at high temperatures. Sometimes, clinker is the final product. Other times, the company adds the gypsum at this final step and grinds the clinker further to make the final cement product. Vasiliko Cement provides Cyprus with all of its cement needs, while still having a little less than half of their production left over. This makes cement the third highest export in Cyprus, only below medicine and halloumi cheese.

VTT Vasiliko (VTTV), on the other hand, is a clean oil storing facility. This means that they act as a sort of hotel for these products. Clean oil means that crude oil has already been refined into products such as gasoline or diesel. VTTV falls into an interesting aspect of the supply chain-they are the storage that holds the products after they have been made, but before there is the demand for customers to use them. Additionally, VTTV offers several refining services to improve the clean oil products. One service they offer is to add biomass in order to make the products more environmentally friendly. In this aspect of their company, they fall into the producer side of the supply chain, offering a service to their customers that own the oil products.

After the company meetings and lunch, we had a unique cultural visit at Hala Sultan Tekke. This visit was to a mosque, where we were able to visit the praying areas and the tomb of Umm Haram, an important woman in the Islamic religion, fulfilling a prophecy of Mohammed and known as a good woman. Each year, many Muslim people visit the Tekke to be blessed. A Tekke is similar to a monastery in the Christian religions, where there are praying areas and living quarters for those who devote their lives to Islam. I found the praying areas to be beautiful, yet simple in the clean, circular architecture.

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