A Day in the Life of a Tourist

Today was a day in the life of a tourist. We visited the Cliffs of Moher which was quite the attraction. The scenery was beautiful, with a path leading you along the edge of the drop. It was nice to be out of the city for a few hours, enjoying the fresh air. There were a lot of features of the Cliffs that made it clear that it is a tourist site. For starters, there were tour buses lined up in the parking lot full with loads of people. In front of the entrance/exit there was a row of gift shops. This is the first and last thing people see so it might entice them to shop around. Also, many tourists invest in souvenirs from the places they visit so it was a very convenient placement. There was also an exhibit that explained the history of the Cliffs which would appeal to those who do not know much about them to begin with. Lastly, there were a few different people playing instruments along the trail for money. They probably chose this spot because of the large amounts of people flooding through the gates every day. 

We then took our tour bus…because we are tourists…to Galway! We had just enough time to grab lunch so a few of us went to an Italian restaurant. It might have been the best meal I’ve had yet on this trip, and I’ve had some good meals. We finished the night with some gelato once we got back to Dublin which was a much needed treat. After waking up before 6:00 am and then spending close to seven hours on a packed bus, I am definitely ready to sleep tonight!

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