Cross Country Road Trip

This Saturday we got up bright and early and hopped on a bus to travel across the country for a tour of the Cliffs of Moher and the town of Galway. I appreciated the opportunity to be more in touch with nature after our stay in an urban setting so far, so I took the time to hike along the cliffs and captured some photos of them. Galway was also fun to explore on a nice day such as today, with many restaurants and markets to check out, while also providing a nice change of scenery.

Overall, there are a lot of interesting aspects of tourism in Ireland. While both of the mentioned places would be considered tourist attractions, there are a lot of ways that they can be marketed while maintaining cultural significance. A third place that we visited and would fit this mold is the town of Moneygall. While in office as president of the United States, Barack Obama discovered that he had heritage tying back to the small town of Moneygall in Ireland. He and his wife Michelle came to Ireland, visited his ancestors former home, and met the townsfolk at the local pub. Obama’s visit was covered mightily in the media and because of his friendliness, has had a lasting impact on the people of Moneygall and Ireland. Therefore, the Barack Obama Plaza was constructed just outside of Moneygall and includes restaurants, refueling stations, and a museum, with many tributes to Barack and Michelle throughout. This is especially interesting how the Irish constructed this as a symbol of gratitude for his visit, but also how this plaza has become a tourist attraction and bridged the gap between American and Irish culture.

Regarding the Cliffs of Moher and Galway, I believe both will gain tourist interest as time goes on and we emerge from the pandemic. Both of these places have interesting natural landscapes and a variety of things to do. They also have museums, shops, and places to eat which are filled with unique cultural stories. However, if I were in charge of marketing Ireland as a tourist destination, I would focus on the natural beauty of these places. Especially with Dublin as a innovative tech hub, there are many possibilities for incredible drone shots among other advances to highlight the natural beauty of not only the Cliffs of Moher, but all across Ireland including the green rolling hills, port towns, and much more.

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