Ancient Observations

Today was our first day without doing any business trips as we traveled across the island with a destination of the city of Paphos. Along the way we stopped at different cultural sites that are a must see for visitors of Cyprus. We first visited the ancient city of Kourion, which is one of the ten ancient kingdoms of Cyprus. Seeing what was left of the city was very cool, as we could see irrigation systems running through the bases of the houses. One aspect of houses is that they had large storage rooms as there was no large market stores to go and buy something when you needed it. Some of the houses here had mosaics on the floor and this date back to the 2nd century B.C. There was a large amphitheater that was left on the top of the mountain that overlooked the ocean and it was beautiful. After this we went to the alleged birthplace of one of the Greek gods, Aphrodite’s rock. It was said she was born when the see and the sky bonded, and the foam of the see created the god Aphrodite. The area itself was worthy of this tale, as the clear water and huge rocks were magnificent. We climbed to the top to get good pictures and even better views. We then headed to the city of Paphos, where we saw the Tomb of The Kings. This was a burial place for many ancient kings and royal families of Cyprus. It’s a large landscape with many different tomb areas. Most tombs were carved into a single large rock and took lots of time to create. The last site we visited today was a house full of Paphos mosaics. These mosaics were found from remnant of a large house owned by a very wealthy wine trader. They were very intricate designs, and some told stories of gods. It was surreal standing in a place where other people stood and lived thousands of years ago.

some mosaics
tomb of kings
Aphrodite’s rock

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