Goddesses, Tombs, and Mosaics….Oh my!

This morning we took a trip to Paphos. Along the way we stopped at various historical sites. Our first stop was the Kourion Archaeological site. There we saw some of the first ever homes built by people in the first millennium. We also saw an amphitheater they built as well. It was quite interesting seeing such ancient buildings that people lived in so long ago. Next, we stopped at Aphrodite’s Rock. We saw the birthplace of the Greek Goddess of Love Aphrodite. We walked along a beach full of rocks and saw the even bigger rock Aphrodite emerged from the sea onto. The water was very clear at this beach, and it was very pretty. After that we stopped at the Tomb of the Kings. These tombs were carved from rocks along the coastline. They were then used to bury the rulers of Cyprus that were sent from Egypt. These tombs were made around the time of Alexander the Great. The last site we saw were the Paphos Mosaics. One was built during the ancient Greeks rule of the island and the rest were built by the ancient Romans. People built these mosaics using pebbles and carved rocks. The designs were so intricate and detailed. It was very impressive how people were able to make these pictures without making a mistake. It is also very impressive to see how all of these sites we visited to today have stood the test of time through all of these years. It is very astonishing that they were able to build such detailed buildings and artwork considering the resources that were available to them during that time. I am greatly honored that I was able to see all of these historical sites. I feel as though I understand the history behind the world and ancient civilizations a little better now.

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