Day 5 & Some Fish Eyes!

Day 5 includes some fish eyes! So, this morning Natasha and I woke up very much on time. Woot woot!!!

We started the day at BSM Training Center which I was way more interested in than I thought I would be. They took us to all of the simulation rooms which were all fascinating. They had the bridge simulator which looked so fun. All of the technology was very interesting and I learned the origin of port and starboard. They then took us to a gas safety room where they talked about all of the procedures for fires and gas leaks. I thought it was really cool that to prevent fires they lower the level of oxygen in the air to lower than 5% but that humans can only survive with 19-21% oxygen. They basically used SCUBA gear and intelligent pressure differences to provide oxygen to people without any gas leaking in. Finally, they took us to the engine room which was my favorite of them all. They said the engineers work there so that makes sense that I would find it the coolest. The system diagrams were extremely complicated and detailed. There was so much to look after but it all seemed really interesting. At BSM we decided that we should make a Plus3 ship crew where Carina works in the bridge, Elena is the Cook, and Matt and I are in the engine room.

Then we went to lunch. To preface, I hate seafood and always have. However, today I tried all of the seafood!!! I know, I’ve grown so much even though I didn’t really love any of it. All of the fish tasted like unseasoned chicken to me so I don’t really know how to feel about it. I even ate a fish eye!!!

We then went to the mosque which was beautiful but I was really scared I was going to disrespect them in some way. Everyone went silent when we walked in which was sort of cool to experience.

Finally, we went to Larnaca and enjoyed the wonderful water. The water was the perfect temperature. Natasha and I swam all the way to the buoy and I won the race despite what Tasha says.

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