First Day in Paphos

The first day in Paphos was filled with many tours by our lovely tour guide. First we stopped at the Kourion archeological site, which held an amphitheater built in the second century BC. The views from the site were outstanding, and the history was really interesting. Next up was Aphrodite’s Rock, which also had a really nice view. The legend says that Aphrodite was born there, and if you swim out to her exact birthplace at midnight, she will greet you eternal youth if you’re a guy, and share some of her beauty if you’re a girl. We also toured the Tomb of the Kings, which was sort of creepy to walk around a mass burial ground. Following the sightseeing was lunch at The Pelican, which actually featured a real pelican! It was so funny to watch it walk around and to see the crowd flock to it whenever it left the restaurant and walked around the harbor. Lastly we finished the day by touring the Paphos Mosaics, which was my favorite part of the day. The mosaics were easily the coolest thing we looked at, and the history of them made it even better. My favorite was the one of Dionysus, but each unique geometric pattern were also very intricate, and I wonder how long it took to make them. To end the night we spent our free time by taking a boat tour and swimming in the Mediterranean, and having dinner at a really nice Italian restaurant.

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