Today was by far my favorite day. It was very long, but we visited a lot of cool cultural and historical sites. Unfortunately it was a little but cloudy but the sites were gorgeous nonetheless. The first place we went to was the Kourion Archeological site. Some of the first homes built in the area during the first millennium were there. There was also a cool amphitheater that we got to sit in. It started to rain a little bit but we made it back to the bus before it rained too much!

The second site we visited was my favorite! We visited the birthplace of Aphrodite. It is said that she emerged on the big rock and was clothed by fairies. We were able to climb on top of the rock and take some pictures. The rock was surprisingly slippery and I wasn’t sure if I’d fall down or not. Luckily I did not. The water was extremely clear and I made sure to take some rocks back as souvenirs.

After that, we went to Tomb of the Kings. We got to see one of them that hasn’t been restored at all and was completely original. We also got to go inside of a tomb that has been restored. It was eerie seeing the real tombs where people were buried.

Then we went to lunch. It was pretty good. There was a live pelican that would walk around and bite at people. I was given a dish that looked like ratatouille and I was very excited. Before we left lunch, I went for a small walk around the area and took a picture with a street performer.

Our final site visit today was of the mosaics. They were so detailed. My favorite mosaic was the one about Daphne and how she turned into a tree to avoid a man. I can relate to that.

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