patience is virtue! oh and a fish on a bicycle.

Traveling to the Guinness Storehouse was one of my favorite experiences thus far. The corporation is so large, it was so cool to see in person. I expected to see the process of how to make a pint of Guinness since they brew the beer right there on the property, but I was pleasantly surprised to see the advertising campaigns and how they marketed themselves from early on. It was neat to see the changes and improvements in their campaigns, but also how they maintained a static brand throughout the years. I enjoyed the aspect of character in their advertisements as they used Irish charm to capture the brand and what Guinness means to Ireland (and vice versa). Guinness’ advertising uses Irish charm by playing off of Irish goofiness and its love for community. Lots of jokes are made in the advertisements, but there is no doubt that Guinness pays homage to where it belongs. This brings me to the cross-cultural communications and relationship-based context that Ireland lives by. The advertisements are fun and made for the Irish people to enjoy, but some could come off as crude or sarcastic; things that may not fly in a place like the United States where people are more strict, sensitive, and high-strung due to the low context nature. One of the main things we as students have begun to notice and attempt to observe is the service industry in Ireland and how it differs from that of America. Ireland, being high-context has a more laid back approach, yet America, being low-context, has a more rushed and strict approach, making us susceptible to impatience. I guess as a group the goal is to understand the differences and why they exist, so we can be respectful in a general sense.

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