Day 6 and 7: Ruins and Rays

This weekend was a really nice change of pace from the past week. I woke up early Saturday morning because I still had to pack for the overnight trip to Paphos. We went to the hotel restaurant for breakfast and I actually had time to get a meal instead of just a croissant. I had an omelet with halloumi and grilled ham. It was really good and a nice change of pace from my typical breakfast. Then we got on the bus and started to make the journey to Paphos. We did not go straight there; we stopped at a bunch of historical sites on the way. 

First, we stopped at Kourian, an ancient Greek city state. Our tour guide took us to the Theater and through the House of Eustolius. The Theater was interesting because it had been remodeled multiple times throughout history to be able to host specific events. The House of Eustolius was also really cool. The thing that I found most interesting was the bathing process. The steps are: wash feet, cold shower, hot bath, hot shower, cold shower. (I think that is right. There also might be a sauna step in there but I can’t remember for sure.) There were also checker board in the tiles on the floor of the bathing area so that people could play games while they waited for available showers. There are also many other archeological sites in Kourian but we did not have enough time to see them. 

Next, we went to Aphrodite’s Rock where Aphrodite rose from the sea according to Greek mythology. I actually climbed to the top of the rock but I had on platform sandals and it was like actual climbing so it was quite a process. I was honestly surprised I made it up. Anyway, the view at the top was awesome so I am happy I did it. (Sidenote: I was also wearing a dress.)

View from top of Aphrodite’s Rock

Then, we went to lunch in Paphos at a restaurant on the promenade. The name of the restaurant was The Pelican and they actually had a domestic pelican which was absolutely crazy to see. We also got some ice cream after lunch and I got dark chocolate. It was so good and I wanted to get again before we left but we ended up running out time. 


Afterwards, we did a tour of the Paphos Mosaics. They are in what is believed to be the house of a Roman aristocrat. Our tour guide told us the stories behind all of the mosaics and I thought they were all so interesting. I can’t even imagine trying to create the mosaics because they are so detailed and made of such small perfectly square pieces. I genuinely think I would go crazy trying to put it together. 

Mosaic example. This one depicts the 4 seasons personified

Finally, we got to the hotel and into our rooms. The rooms were so big and they had a kitchen, couch, and a table. After we settled in, we went out for the night. We got dinner at an Italian place because we were all ready for a little change of pace. I got back to room pretty late so I feel right asleep. 

Despite getting back late, a couple of us got up to see the sunrise. (It rose at 5:47). Because Paphos is on the western side of the island, it rose over the island not the beach and it was also cloudy. Because of this, the sunrise was a little bit of a bust but I am still glad that we did it. Then, I went to my room and slept for another 3 hours. 

We check out of the hotel around 11 and then got breakfast at what I believe is the Cyprian equivalent of Starbucks (although there was a Starbucks right across the street). Then we went to beach for the day. It was perfect beach weather and I had an amazing time. The sun was hot but it was just breezy enough that you weren’t sweating. The water was a little cold at first but, once you got used to it, it felt so nice. It was also amazingly clear. We got back on the bus and left Paphos around 3:15. 

Unfortunately, this bus was different than our normal bus. I thought I was going to be able to sleep as I usually do but it was not nearly as comfortable as the normal bus. Therefore, I couldn’t fall asleep which was very disappointing. We got back to Nicosia around 5. 

Right when we got back, we found out there was a playoff soccer game for Nicosia’s team and we decided to look into going to the game. However, it seemed like the city buses didn’t run for us to get back so we would have had to take a taxi and you needed a fan pass to get tickets. I decide I didn’t want to go because it seemed like it would have been a mess to figure out and the game started at 7 anyway. Then, we looked into sports bars but apparently that is not really a thing here. Elena and I decided to just grab food right outside the hotel and we ended up seeing some of our other friends outside. We decided to just chill tonight so I think we are going to try to play cards or something. 

Overall, I had an amazing time this weekend. I loved seeing and learning about ancient ruins and the weather was absolutely perfect for the beach. I have had such a fun first week in Cyprus and I can’t wait to see what next week brings. 

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