Day Seven: Beach Day in Paphos

Today was just a nice day to enjoy Paphos on our own. I started the morning sleeping in more than we normally got to which was really nice. We visited a local coffee shop, Costa Coffee for a nice salted caramel frostino which was a very unique drink. I’ve noticed that coffee in Cyprus is a lot less sweet than the coffee in America and much more focused on the actual rich taste of coffee. After that, we spent the rest of the remaining time at the beach. I forgot a beach towel so I went to a nearby mini-mart where I got a pretty cool towel with a map of Cyprus on it. Our time at the beach consisted of a mix of tanning and swimming in the Mediterranean. The water was very cold but still worth it. There were a lot of rocks in the ocean that were very painful to walk on and sadly resulted in a few cuts on the bottom of my feet. I also attempted to play volleyball for a bit but decided that I would much prefer a nice lazy nap on the beach. This overnight trip to Paphos was my favorite so far and I was a little sad to leave but am still looking forward to the rest of the very cool things we have left to do.

Plus3 at the beach!

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