Days 6 & 7: A Weekend in Paphos

Saturday morning began with my typical breakfast, and we departed Nicosia at 9AM to the Kourion archeological site. Here, the rain was light, but I still enjoyed learning about the remnants of an ancient Greek house and amphitheater. Next, we were all eager to visit Aphrodite’s Rock, which was a spectacular view from carefully climbing a different larger rock. (It is believed that Aphrodite, the goddess of beauty, love and fertility, was born here, hence the name.) Georgina also informed us that if you swim three times around Aphrodite’s Rock you become ten years younger! Then, we made our way over to the Tomb of the Kings which are underground tombs carved out of solid rock, thought to have burial sites for ancient aristocrats and high officials. For lunch, we ate at the Paphos Harbor at the Pelican Tavern, where there was a real pink pelican walking around the restaurant, garnering much attention from tourists. Our last stop of the day was of the Paphos Mosaics which were visual representations of Greek stories, symbols, mythology, and other history. There were intricate designs that took many years to complete! Although Day 6 was a cloudy day, it didn’t stop us from our various site visits. Once the evening came about and we settled in to the Anemi Hotel in Paphos for one night, a group of us had a boat excursion in the Paphos Harbor during sunset time.

On Day 7, I began my day with hotel breakfast outside with the sun’s intense rays overhead. I spent the entire afternoon at the beach in Paphos in the cold water, playing soccer, and relaxing in the sunny weather. At 3PM, we departed from Paphos and retuned back to our hotel in Nicosia. Later, I enjoyed a lamb kabob dish for dinner in the Old City with a few others.

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