Hot Diggity Dog

We started off today with a trip to Wicklow. Our first stop was a sheep farm where we got to see working dogs do their thing. It was insane how well trained they were, making sure they herded the sheep to the exact right spot. I am very curious to see how they are taught such commands because it was very elaborate for a little border collie. There were even some little baby lambs that we got to see which were beyond adorable. There was an option to hold them but I surprisingly didn’t want to. So many people were tossing the poor things around and they were clearly terrified, it was kind of hard to watch. As sad as that was, I did end up getting some good pictures and I hope the little guys are peacefully resting now. 

We then took a bus to the Wicklow mountains which was breathtaking. We took a stroll through the woods and came across two lakes. Everything looked like a painting, it was unreal. I definitely enjoyed having another day out in the fresh air, away from the city. Without the noise of cars and crosswalks. So peaceful. While I do enjoy Dublin, Wicklow was a completely different feeling and it was nice to experience both sides of Ireland. 

Our last stop was Kilkenny, a medieval town. It was sort of a mix of Dublin and Wicklow, more on the Dublin side. We had a few hours to walk around and got to tour a castle. It was more city-like than I thought it would be, which was unexpected. Kilkenny seemed a bit slower of pace than Dublin but other than that they were very similar. The best part of my time at Kilkenny was the street hotdog I ordered. That might sound sarcastic but it was delicious. I got it with ketchup, mustard, and onions; a new combo for me. Trying new things! Even if it’s not exactly Irish…anyways, see you tomorrow!

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