May 13- Grob.

Last day of company visits today. We visited a company I have never heard of before called Grob. I did not know what to expect but I was extremely impressed afterwards. I thought the entire company plant was massive. We were greeted with a big meeting room with beverages and pretzels which was very nice of Grob to accommodate for us. After that, we started a brief presentation before moving on to the plant tour. During the tour we went around seeing all of the machines they make and build for big companies like Tesla and BMW. I found that very interesting, especially that they had to produce Tesla’s machines at a totally different plant so it wouldn’t be copied for other companies. There was also a basketball net that they made which took over a million clicks to make with their machine and it looked very good, safe to say I was impressed!

We went back to the meeting room after having lunch in their very big cafeteria, where we had more presentations. At the end we were showed all their job opportunities, and there were endless amounts, it was very impressive. I really enjoyed Grob, it has to be my favorite visit overall and I even hope to maybe see them again with an internship!

Today was pretty busy as we had a VDE and BMW presentation to follow our visit with Grob. I was very interested in the BMW talk about autonomous driving given by a former BMW employee. The reason the I liked it so much was because, the person giving the presentation was able to freely express his opinion about BMW and other companies. That made it even better because he was able to be brutally honest about big companies like Tesla. In the end I got an even better understanding on how BMW plans to innovate towards autonomous driving and where they are at right now compared to other brands.

We finished our day at an Italian restaurant called, Aposto. I ended up getting a BBQ pulled pork calzone which was very good. However, the calzone was huge so I had to hand some of it off to Jerry in order to finish it all. Even though it was a very packed day, I loved ending it talking to our German friends Maxi and Nikolas about the differences in our cultures, I could talk about it all day.


– Jason Bliss

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