Paphos Part 2

The second day in Paphos was mostly spent at the beach. It was rather sunny today which made the beach even more fun. The Mediterranean is so clear, very different from the Atlantic I’m used to. You can see to the bottom no matter where you are. Also, the water feels invigorating. It is a little cold but it’s more refreshing than anything. There were rocks a good distance out from the shoreline and we went to sit up there many times. Having the waves crash against our back felt powerful.

A group of Cyprus 2 kids started playing a modified version of volleyball where we hit it to each other and couldn’t let it touch the ground. We got to a streak of 25 consecutive hits. It was a fun bonding experience. The photo we took on that beach has become one of my favorites and today will be a memory I look back at fondly.

It’s crazy and scary to think that we have 4 more nights together. The friends I have made here will stick with me throughout my time at Pitt. After this experience I am very much thinking about taking trip abroad with Pitt. Maybe I’ll see some of Cyprus 2 again!

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